An oak in a park

Bootcamp. Or as I jokingly referred to it with Liane "public humiliation camp". In a bid to be healthier and to better herself Liane took up bootcamp maybe 18-20 months ago now. Perhaps more, I'm not certain. She attended a 2 night group call Fitness Forever based in Blackrock Park and grew to adore it. She'd come home flying high as a kite, loaded with funny anecdotes and wearing that post-workout glow, alive with energy. She even succumbed to activewear (a long-running joke of ours) and made new friends, young and old. 

After her death Anto, the lovely organiser of the bootcamp, got in touch and suggested we plant a tree for Liane in the park. I chose an oak tree, he sourced it and last Wednesday we met to plant it. In a windwsept candlelit park, looking on to the pond, 30/40 of us stood and thought of Liane as we planted the young tree with a small plaque. I was really touched by the evening - the amount of people who came, the chatter, the speeches and the planting itself. I think Liane would be equal parts chuffed and mortified about all the attention! 

The tree is in a place I will visit often. I love the idea that I can come and talk to Liane and focus my energy on something that will grow over the years. On the plaque is a Roal Dahl quote that I hope will inspire us all as life carries on around us...

"Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world"