Light in the darkness

I've had a recurring thought since the early hours after Liane's death - there is positivity to be found in the toughest of moments. At times, maybe even often, this thought can sound churlish or perhaps insensitive but I believe it to be true. 

There have been so many occasions over the past 6.5 months when at my lowest ebb someone gets in touch or something goes my way. I received a book in the post last week - with no note or anything - that is a story about facing adversity and being strong. I get cards every week from across the globe - some silly, some deep and others kind. I've had strangers contact me opening their hearts for my benefit. Hugs, clinches, texts, emails, notes, dinners, drinks - an endless list of people giving their time up for me. I've never felt more humbled. 

At some many turns on this road I've been helped, my burden eased and my elbow steadied. Simple humanity. Raw kindness. Love & decency. In the midst of all this pain there is to be found hope and a way forward, even when the room is dark and the path lonely.