Holiday packing

When I began packing for the trip that I'm now on I was nervous about the long time away from home. More than just that, with the packing poured out so many memories. The shared moments. That time we nearly lost my rucksack off a jeep in Sri Lanka. That other time we we camped in heat so hot the tent nearly melted. 

Unexpectedly it was a linen shirt that made me crack. I dug it out of the wardrobe and was catapulted back to standing in a shop holding different coloured shirts up as Liane giggled, both of us so giddy about flying to Sri Lanka just 10 days later. It was before we got married and the loved up buzz was at a peak. It's such a crystal clear memory and it left me on the floor sobbing into the shirt wondering why all this has happened to me, to us...

A linen shirt - a pretty unexpected trigger.