Destination Canada

For the first two months of this summer I am going to Canada. Some of it with be spent with friends, some of it alone and some of it playing Ultimate with strangers and friends alike. I've never been to Canada before and I've heard great things - the buzz of Montreal, the Irishness of Newfoundland, the outdoors life of Vancouver and much more. I'm excited and I'm nervous. 

I've never set off anywhere alone before, certainly not for longer than a few days or a week. I'm starting on the east coast up in the north east of St. John's and then to Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. It's daunting and it's refreshing. I'm keen to be physically away for a while but I'm worried about the severing of the chord to the support network. 

From Toronto it's to Seattle to play a tournament I've wanted to play since I was in college and then up to Vancouver for a few weeks in July - the tough few weeks - birthdays and an anniversary. Second time around - harder? The same? I guess I'll see soon. Whatever the dates bring, I've made sure I'm in good hands up there. 

After that it's to Winnipeg for the World Masters Club Championships with the Sydney boys. I'm expecting a tough week or hard battles on the field and a lot of catching up with close friends off it. It'll be a perfect way to round out July and start into August. 

I've debated in my head about whether or not to write about the trip here on the There Are Words site. I've decided not to - at least not like a travel blog. This site is about grief, growth and Liane. I want it to stay that way as opposed to branching off in other directions. I'm certain the time alone will bring up lots of valuable writing and I look forward to the headspace and time to get a chance to share that.