A vote for you

Today, not for the first time, my thoughts drifted to what role Liane would have played in the current debate about the Referendum tomorrow. I know where she’d stand on it but my heart warmed at the thought of how much work she’d put into sharing that opinion. 

Liane had a strength of character like few people I know. Her opinions were rooted in experience, learning and logic. She soaked up other people’s views and loved developing her world view from them, over languid cups of tea or a stolen half hour in a smoking area. She’d come back to me with all sorts of stories, eager to share them, a beautiful enthusiasm behind her eyes. 

Today it was an image of her - dressed with a small badge maybe, knocking on doors, entering people’s homes equipped with her openness and strong will - that made me smile to myself. It made me think of how much the referendum would have meant for and to her. It made me well up as a cast my vote. I hope we get the result the country needs - the result that says that the country supports the women living in it. I really do.