As part of their efforts to raise awareness around SUDEP Epilepsy Ireland put me in touch with The Journal ( and I wrote a piece about Liane, about her death and about my experience of it. You can read the whole piece here: and an extract below.


Being here without her has been – and still is – hard work.

I’ve been saved by friends and family and assisted by professional help. I’ve dug deep and searched for positives, trying to live a life that celebrates everything she stood for.

I think I’ve achieved a lot in terms of personal growth, who I have become and what I have shared with others.

Each one of us will experience death or personal loss at some point so for me it seems logical to share my path to try to offer reassurance and hope to others.

Through fundraising for Epilepsy Ireland, swimming in the sea on a daily basis and supported by the love of those around me, I have made it this far. I intend to keep going with Liane in my heart and my heart on my sleeve.