The Colour of Our Love

For our wedding day one of Liane's closest friends wrote a song for us. Miriam Donohue is a Dublin-based Galwegian with a stunning voice, a huge heart and one of the most honest & friendly personalities you'll find. Her and Liane were like crutches to one another - always ready to support and never found wanting. Their friendship was a constant, tested by time and distance, but flourishing still.

Miriam re-wrote the song for Liane's burial and stood at the grave in the sunshine that day singing through tears, her heart open for all of us to see. It remains one of the most precious memories, both from hearing the song whilst holding Liane's hand on our wedding day and from that beautifully sad day in Wexford. The lyrics are below. Thank you Miram x


Orange is the colour of our love, like a wheel thats turning

Like a moon so bright its burning, on a midnight bicycle ride

Yellow was the colour of your hair, like a bloom in springtime

Now you stole my heart its ring time, 

its the colour of our love

On a blue and crispy morning we climbed Killiney hill

I said will ya will ya Darlin, you said yes i will

And I gave you a blue promise ring, you said I understand

As I slipped it on your finger, we held each others hands

Silver is the colour of your hair, many years from now dear

But I don't mind at all dear, for its the colour of our love

Gold is the colour of love, as here we’re standing

See our friends and family smiling

at the colour of our love.

On a Blue sunny morning, a warm day in July

I said will ya Darlin, if you will so will I

We'll watch the people dancing, watch the colours spin

We’ll stay here for ever and watch the colours fly

The colour of our love

On a Blue and windy morningthe 20th of May

We’re all standing here together to scatter you away

And I thought that all the colours, they might fade away

But now I see you as a Rainbow and a Rainbow you will stay

Oh The Colours of our Love.