Sharing the trivial

Our relationship was built on trust, respect, understanding and love. We connected on a level I've never felt before and while it wasn't always perfect (what is?) we'd definitely grow closer than ever over the past six months. The longer you spend with someone and the more you commit to them the closer you get - that's not rocket science. But for me that wasn't necessarily what brought us together but rather the daily little exchanges like two giddy best friends seeing the world through their own private prism.  We shared anything and everything from the books we read to the tales about commuters on the Dart. We swapped jokes, stories, hearsay, impulses, internet fodder, songs, dreams and more.

At the moment it is one of the toughest things about losing Liane. I miss my confidante. I miss picking up the phone and sending something funny/touching knowing the reaction at the other end would be an uplifting one. I miss the replies laden with her unique wit and views. We shared so much. It's been something I've cried on many shoulders over the past month..

"We had so much left to share"