Reaching out

Last week I got off the train, my earphones in my ears and my mind away in the skies. I started towards home on my usual, reliable path. As I did a hand tapped me on the the shoulder. Tired and slow, I turned and looked into the warm face of a stranger. He looked vaguely familiar but we hadn't met before.

"Hi my name's D" he said, "I just wanted to say that myself and my wife are your neighbours and we're sorry for your loss. We saw your article in the paper and we've thought of you and spoken of you at home. We've bought just around the corner if you ever need somewhere to pop in".

We walked alongside one another chatting about Liane, about life, about his family and the usual mundane things that pop up in a comfortable exchange. It was a warm conversation and reminded me how many good people there are out there in the world. All it took was five minutes of his time and a little bit of courage and with that he snapped me out of a tough moment and into the present. 

I'm going to make the point of keeping a special eye out for those around me struggling with their own battles. I'm going to reach out and ask a question or two. I'm going to be there for others the way people have been there for me.