Written in black and white

Today I got home from 10 days abroad. There was a pile of post on the table where my mum had left it (she likes dropping in and filling the fridge the day I get home form holidays). In the pile was a large brown envelope with a logo that looked familiar. It was from the Coroner's Office. 

When Liane died they needed to do an autopsy to work out the reason for her death. 6 months and 2 weeks later I read today on the Coroner's Report that the cause was SUDEP - Sudden Unexpected Death from Epilepsy. After two pages telling me how healthy her organs and body were was the Coroner's finding. Reading it broke my heart, again. The finality and the fact that there's no reason for it. You can't prevent SUDEP if you can't prevent seizures. 

Another piece of paper for a file about Liane's death. Another piece of writing confirming the hardest fact I've ever faced. One more little brick of pain to add to the pile.