Yellow Wristbands

Just before I left for France on June 16th I got 500 yellow wristbands made (big thanks to Camden Clothing for the fast turn around and their kindness) to give out to other people. On each band are the words: "Be strong & be yourself #LianeUp".

The idea is simple - to promote the personal values/strength that Liane's love and kindness helped to build in me. She gave me confidence, self belief and inner strength. She taught me to be self aware and to back myself in situations I wasn't ready for.  Liane's belief in me got me through tough times. I'd like people to wear the band, to pin it up to their wall, to give it to someone else or to put it away somewhere safe but to always remember that you have inner strength and your belief in yourself has got you so very far already. 

I hope this little token will help someone, somewhere just like Liane helped me.