The Power of Music

I love music. I was brought up surrounded by it - the Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2, Tina Turner, Queen - always something playing and keeping my mum/dad singing. I love the way it can manipulate you, bring you somewhere else and connect with you. I love the power of the memories associated with lyrics and notes put together by people from another time and place that I'll never meet. It transcends so much. Right now it is one of the most difficult things for me to face. I need it on a daily basis - it's part of who I am - and yet it's terrifying. A few words, a few bars and I'm in bits. Am I meant to get though this? Am I meant to put songs away and not listen to them again? Songs that made me grin from ear to ear fold me in half. 

Just this morning I drifted on to a playlist, half aware of what I was at. I needed something familiar and warm. I was working at something else. Next thing I'm transported to chasing Liane home from the cinema having been blown away by La La Land. We'd City of Stars playing on my phone, trying to sing along to a song we were hearing for the second time, feeling like two love drunk teenagers out later than we should be on a school night. It feels like yesterday. She'd beam at the memory. I could just text her. Send on the song link... 

(I've added some more videos to the music section of the site with a note about what I'm feeling about those songs, among many others at the moment).