Music and photos

Today I've added two new pages to the website.

The first one is a Music page. On it you will find songs from May 25th, when we celebrated Liane in Mt Jerome before her cremation. These songs made up part of the humanist ceremony and were chosen to reflect Liane in terms of her positivity, her beauty and our relationship together. The second list of songs are from May 20th when friends and family met to bury her ashes in Wexford and to scatter her ashes on Killiney Hill and in the Irish Sea. Again, the songs were a mixture of the poignant and the upbeat, each chosen to represent Liane and times that meant a lot to her and to us. I hope you enjoy them.

The second page is a gallery of Images. At the moment it is fairly light on content for two reasons - one; my Hard Drive has all my photos on it so I cannot upload more yet and two; the process of sifting through photos of Liane is a minefield for me at the moment. Some pictures bring me joy and happiness whilst others leave me lonely and down. Looking at the adventures we had, the way she interacted with people and her natural beauty is too much for me right now. I'll add more photos to the page when I can and will post here in the Blog when I do so. 

For now, here is one of my favourite photos of her. She's climbing an old tower out on Ireland's Eye.